Imperfection – a new song (live and raw mixed rehearsal version).

We just wanna say THANK YOU for what happened in 2014.
We successfully released our EP ‚Here.And.Now.‘, uploaded a few videos and had tons of fun rehearsing and just doing our thing. A great show has been put together and we will try to hit the road quite soon and play some gigs. Hopefully we can meet you there, have a blast with our friends and maybe even make some new friends. Of course, we will record new songs next year. What about a whole album as a three piece formation?

May 2015 become a good one! With your support!

2 years have come and gone since the first release „Flawless Years“. Many things have changed, many things happend. Well, the earth still turns and we still make music. We hope that you all like the new release. If you’d like to support us, support us to continue making music independetly, we’d be honored, if you’d go over to iTunes, amazon or all the other popular shops and get a copy of ‚Here.And.Now.‘. Feel free to share, like and barbecue the EP. THANK YOU!!!!

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…to the sea two weeks ago to rehearse for upcoming gigs (will be announced sometime soon), write some new material and to have a lot of fun :)

Foto 2

Foto 3

Here is a little something from our weekend, showing a live, raw & unplugged performance of the song „Everything Changes“ from the new EP ‚Here.And.Now.‘.
Times were and are changing and this song helped a lot and not only this song, but also the whole EP was only possible because of the two amazing guys that are with me on this journey since last year. Seriously, this is very important!!